Nytt legemiddel mot søvnløshet

Publisert 11. august 2016

Weifa melder at selskapet skal lansere et nytt, reseptbelagt produkt mot søvnløshet i det norske markedet.

Weifa ASA is pleased to announce the launch of Zonat® tablets, which is indicated for short-term symptomatic treatment of occasional insomnia in adults over 18 years old. Zonat® contains the antihistamine doxylamine, which is well established as a non-prescription (OTC) product for occasional insomnia in several European countries. In Norway Zonat® will require medical prescription.
Zonat® is in licensed from the pharmaceutical company Esteve, located in Spain, which is one of Weifa’s international collaboration partners.
Zonat® exerts potent hypnotic action and is effective in decreasing sleep onset latency and in increasing the depth of sleep and its duration.
«With Zonat® Weifa enters a new therapeutic category, insomnia. This launch is a result of Weifa’s long-term strategy to broaden Weifa’s core business with products in selected new categories where we see medical needs and marketing opportunities. Our ambition is to contribute significantly to the future growth of this category «, says CEO Kathrine Gamborg Andreassen.
The market value of medical prescription products for insomnia in Norway increased by 10% and amounted to mnok 138 (pharmacy purchasing price) in 20151.
Zonat® tablets in two strengths, 12,5 mg and 25 mg, will be available on the Norwegian market from mid-august 2016.